Over the years XCTAT has been adhering to the quality first, reputation first, customer supreme, service tenet, with "monument speechless, doing is better than saying" basic idea for the enterprise, constantly blaze new trails in the field of engineering technology and insist on the introduction of international new technology products, in order to better service for the customer.

    Our company has the anticorrosion construction 2 class aptitude, can provide customers with cathodic protection field, the cathodic protection design, product customization, construction, installation and technical guidance, maintenance of one-stop service.At present, the company has more than professional cathodic protection project managers and skilled professional construction team.


Reconnaissance and test content including soil resistivity test, pipeline (tank) sp test, pipeline protection potential test (tank), stray current test.

2、Engineering design

    Protected structures (sacrificial anode and cathode protection force current) design, drainage design of protected structures, protected structures grounding design.

3、Engineering Construction
    The sacrificial anode protection structure installation and construction; Forced current methods of deep well anode and shallow buried anode bed installation and construction, The potentiostat installation and commissioning; Storage tank of the MMO anode of construction and the construction of flexible anode.


 4、Detection and maintenance
All-around test for the piping after put into operation, cathodic protection maintenance and testing to the old pipeline.

    Our company's engineering and technical service content, starting in 2009, after six years of progress and development, today's hing into a company in the field of cathodic protection technology services have been in the domestic advanced level. We had participated in many engineering technical service at home and abroad, such as China and Russia, jilin-chuangchun line , zhonggui line, Algeria oil and gas field projects.
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